Large Patriotic Eagle American Flags Embroidered Patches All Gave Some US Flag Iron On Back Biker Appliques(9″)

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  • “ALL GAVE SOME& RIDE FREE” American flag large embroidered patriotic military patch for leather and denim decoration.
  • 2Pcs eagles iron on patches,size: 9 “x6”, 3 “x 3”.
  • High thread embroidery decals provide you with more options, suitable for leather, jackets, coats, vests,down jackets, backpacks and other motorcycle biker flag large back.
  • The patriotic eagle patch can be iron on or sewn on any garment, and the back of the patch has a super heat sealant backing for excellent machine wash performance.
  • Our service always meets your 100% satisfaction, and if you are not satisfied with the patch, we will refund or replace it in full.
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    Returny provides high-quality American Eagle flag embroidery/ironing embroidery accessories on the patch, and the set is 2 eagle patches.
    This is one of my very cool biker patches.
    Can be sewn or ironed on. Great for leather or textile jackets, vests, hats, caps,backpacks whatever you can think of.

    How to use:
    1. Keep the back clean before ironing and adjust the temperature to suit the temperature of the clothes according to how the iron is used.
    2. Place the cloth in the position where it needs to be ironed, then use the iron to back and forth on the rubber side. It usually burns for about 10 seconds.
    3. To prevent burns, you can put a thin piece of cotton on the cloth (must be a cotton jacket, not a faded cloth).
    After ironing, check the edges for burns and burn them a few times at the edges.
    4. It is necessary to determine the temperature by the thickness of the applique. If it is thicker, it must have a higher temperature and a longer ironing time.
    For particularly thick fabrics, you can burn a few times on the back.
    5. Special Note: For sequins or brighter surfaces (because the sequins are plastic), be sure to lay a layer of cloth and iron at low temperatures (below 130°C) or use a steam iron directly.
    Or put a layer of damp cloth on top. In order to avoid excessive temperature, the plastic sheet will melt.
    6. The best way is to use a needle thread to sew a few stitches on the side of the fabric after ironing. This is more determined and very compliant.

    I also have other biker patches, check out my other patches. Maybe there is suitable for your family or friends.
    Please make sure that you purchase from the Returny store, you will get high quality decorative patches and quick response services, and look forward to your purchase again.

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